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1. It seems that some entertainment stars don’t attach much importance to their public _____.
A) shapeB) imageC) statusD) figure
2. ____ the question of the time given to teaching preparations, there are two other requirements for a qualified teacher.
A)ExceptB)Away fromC) Apart from D) Beside from
3. If it were not for the fact that he was abillionaire, she ____ him.
A)might never marryB) will never marryC) would never have marriedD) would never marry
4. The gloves were really too small, and it was only by _____ them that I managed to get them on.
A) spreadingB) squeezingC) stretchingD) bending
5. You will probably _____ your team’s chance to win because you seem to have such a great ______ them.
A) affect influence B) effect; influence C) affect;effect on D) effect;affect on
6. A bridge can be defined ____ a structuregetting over an obstacle, such as a river, a road or railways.
A) likeB) asC) withD) to
7. When I took my car to the garage, they soon____ what the trouble was.
A) emergedB) realizedC) exploredD) diagnosed
8. What made her heart _____ was the sight of many people begging in the streets.
A) bleedB)bloodC) bleederD) bled
9. Our country has launched a(n) ____ for healthy styles of living.
A) warB) battleC) campaignD) action
10. He departed ____to catch the train onlyto find his ticket was left in home.
A) in hurryB) in hasteC) in a hasteD) with haste
11. The contract will be signed _____ the ceremony.
A) prior toB) by priority ofC) previous ofD) precious to
12. There are some areas which are still densely populated ____ their severe weather conditions.
A) due toB) with regard toC) regardless ofD) but for
13. He’s watching TV? He’s ____to be cleaning his room.
A) knownB) supposedC) regardedD) considered
14. The public has appealed to the governmentto find a ____ to the problem of pollution.
A) resultB) responseC) settlementD) solution
15. It was not until he arrived in class _____ realized he had forgotten his book.
A) when heB) that heC) and heD) he
16. Seeing he was _____ with his luggage, I offered to help him.
A) infectedB) embarrassedC) muggedD) confused
17. So little ____ with each other that theneighbors could not settle their difference.
A) agreed did theyB) did they agreeC) they agreeD) they did agree
18. It is advisable for us to ____a more open policy.
A) adaptB) adjustC) agreeD) adopt
19. There are several ways to _____ this problem.
A) implementB) approachC) thrustD) dispose
20. The conference ____ the possibility of closertrade links between the two countries.
A) exploredB) implementedC) establishedD) constituted
21. ______ with the boy’s true love for her, the girldecided to entrust her life to him.
A) AcquiredB) ImposedC) InfectedD) Diagnosed
22. The runner went fastest in the middle ____of the course.
A) fragmentB) selectionC) boardD) segment
23. The more ____ you feel in yourself, the morechances you will stand to win the game.
A) significanceB) intensityC) fortuneD) confidence
24. Nothing is worse than the ____ betweenwhat is right and what is wrong.
A) connectionB) establishment C) illustrationD) confusion
25. His words might have _____ the lovely lady,but he was never aware of it.
A) cursedB) criticizedC) hurtD) scolded
26. It is unwise of you to ____ to aconclusion before looking into the matter .
A) reachB) arriveC) drawD) leap
27. The ____ to ensure a bright future for myself pushed me to study harder.
A) crisisB) thrustC) pressureD) approach
28. A dutiful official never ____ himself of his responsibility for his work.
A) remindsB) quitsC) disposesD) risks
29. The official ____ his innocence by showing the fact.
A) approachedB) exploredC) establishedD) defined
30. Advertising is distinguished from other forms of communication _____ the advertiser pays for the message to be delivered.
A) whichB) because ofC) in thatD) whereas


11. The train _____ into the station at nine.
A) pulledB) draggedC) hauledD) pushed
12. All the leaders should attach much importance to their public _____.
A) shapeB) imageC) statusD) figure
13. Our ___ from London to Paris is by way of Dover and Calais.
A) routeB) wayC) roadD) routine
14.In ______ to the Party’s call, a great number of doctors and nurses went to the frontline of fighting the flood.
A) returnB) admissionC) responseD) order
15. They expressed their ______ at being looked down upon by
A) optimismB) enthusiasmC) pessimismD) indignation
17. In interpersonal relations, people should be
_____ with each other.
A) shamefulB) frankC) reservedD) indifferent
18. Mary has a bad cold and a _____ throat.
A) soreB) painfulC) tenderD) sour
19. His film was a complete failure, which did his reputation a lot of ______.
A) damageB) harmC) injuryD) ruin
20. Every time when I go back to my hometown,I usually spend two days ____ of my relatives.
A) going the rounds ofB) rounding up
C) making the rounds ofD) rounding on
21. Happiness doesn’t necessarily ______ money.
A) go forB) go throughC) go backD) go with
22. It’s a disgusting thing to hear him ____ his achievements.
A) complaining ofB) showing upC) breaking upD) boasting of
23. Control of noise is a complex technology, and it is most ______ when applied to the original design of the noisy source.
A) effectiveB) responsibleC) wickedD) considerable
24. Sometimes, things go in the direction ____ our original expectations.
A) alien toB) opposite to C) subjecttoD) native to
25. Success in school _______ much hard work.
A) calls forB) calls offC) calls upD) calls on


1.The young people are _____ of their responsibility toward society.
A) consistentB) consciousC) sensitiveD) reliable
2. The problem with your conduct is that what you do is not _____ with what you say.
A) consistentB) continuousC) considerateD) continual
3. She was so _____ with her job that she didn’t hear someone knocking at the door.
A) attractedB) drawnC) occupiedD) concentrated
4. Professor Taylor’s talk has indicated that science has a very strong _____ on the everyday life of the human society.
A) motivationB) perspectiveC) impressionD) impact
5. When she was criticized, she claimed that it was outside her _____ of responsibility.
A) fieldB) limitC) extentD) range
6. The world is trying every means to _____ thefriendship between the two countries.
A) raiseB) promoteC) ariseD) protest
7. Although not an economist himself, Dr. Smith has long been a severe critic of the government’s _____ policies.
A) economicalB) economyC) economicD) economics
8. His constant _____ with his peers has left its mark on his growth.
A) consentB) contractC) contextD) contact
9. _____ with his new teaching method, we need to take a critical look at our traditional ones.
A) CursedB) DepressedC) ImpressedD) Fed up
10. So clear was his _____ of the case that others had no more to say.
A) attitudeB) presentationC) commentD) remark
11. When business is in _____, there is usually an obvious increase in unemployment.
A) convictionB) relaxationC) depressionD) competition
12. Don’t take any action until you are fully_____ with the situation there.
A) consentedB) contentC) obviousD) acquainted
13. It is said that the math teacher seems _____ towards bright students.
A) liableB) partialC) beneficialD) preferable
14. The clothes a person wears may express his __D__ or social position.
A) estateB) statureC) esteemD) status
15. _____ with antique furniture, the castle brought us back in time to the Middle Ages.
A) OrnamentedB) CoveredC) ImpressedD) Improved
16. One rainy night the policeman had a chance _____ with a gang of smugglers.
A) acquaintanceB) encounterC) accountD) interview
17. Newspapers vary greatly in their _____ to the government.
A) attitudesB) commentsC) viewsD) opinions
18. A defect of vision prevents him from __ ___ his eyes accurately on an object.
A) emphasizingB) relaxingC) focusingD) achieving
19. In most cases, the _____ of a person who sits on a pin is to leap into the air.
A) reactionB) behaviorC) functionD) instance
20. Rich as they were in forms, the speaker’s_____ seemed unrelated to his speech.
A) signsB) gestureC) symptomsD) symbols
21. He built the team through both hardtraining and _____ discipline.
A) looseB) physicalC) rigidD) slack
22. We were depressed _____ the bad news.
A) atB) inC) forD) on
23. She was delighted in _____ of friends and relatives.
A) accommodationB) entertainment C) convictionD) commitment
24. The days when he was _____ his best is already a thing of the past.
A) inB) onC) withD) at
25. Some people are not willing to _____responsibility for the errors they made.
A) ensureB) assureC) assumeD) resume
26. I speak in full _____ that our cause is just.
A) conclusionB) assumptionC) convictionD) determination
27. Animals can become unusually _____when they are upset by a sudden environment change.
A) puzzlingB) dominantC) aggressiveD) vigorous
28. Try to _____ your mind into the future and imagine what life will be like then.
A) subjectB) objectC) projectD) reject
29. The boy felt so angry at the girl’s dominance that he could remain _____ no longer.
A) positiveB) passiveC) optimisticD) pessimistic
30. Computer software _____ some 70 percent of our range of products.
A) picks upB) focuses onC) accounts forD) is based on



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